Happy Friday

It’s Friday and I’m having a great day! First, I got approval to go to a Dungeons and Dragons high school club next Wednesday. I am so uber excited. I was watching this high school’s back to school video and when they mentioned they had a D&D club I almost burst out of my seams. I did some digging, found out which teachers sponsored it, and emailed them offering my support. A couple days later and here I am going to visit them! It’s going to be awesome.

And in at 7pm I will be watching another high school’s production of The Producers. This is our art high school so I expect it will be amazing. I’ve been interested in the school for a while as I’m always hearing great things about them so I like that I get to visit the school AND see a performance. My coworker, who used to work at the school, bought tickets for her family and it turns out one of her sons can’t make it so I’m crashing their evening and tagging along. It will be fun!