Guanella Pass in the fall

Today we drove through Guanella Pass to see the changing leaves. For a couple of years I’ve been hearing how it’s a great loop to view fall colors so I finally checked it out myself.

Although we were perhaps a few days early, many of the aspen have already turned and it was a beautiful drive. The pass itself is very pleasant, the speed limit is slow enough that I didn’t feel rushed. There were plenty of places to park on the side and take pictures too. Towards the beginning of the drive we saw a herd of Rocky Mountain goats, including four babies, which was a fantastic way to start the pass.

The summit was also beautiful. It was covered in scrub and bushes and the subtle fall colors were quite calming. I liked the nearby mountain too, the jaggy peak stood stark against the softer hills. There’s a 4 1/2 mile hike somewhere off of this road and I think it was at the summit. Perhaps one day we can come a little earlier to hike it. I think it would be a very pretty trail.

I think the leaves will stay nice for another week, possibly a little longer, so there’s still some time. I’ll be going to the Rocky Mountain National Park on Thursday and possibly Cripple Creek next weekend (a suggestion by a fellow driver today) so hopefully I’ll get to see more bright yellows and reds. It’s a sight I quite enjoy.

The summit


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