Journey, a game

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Yellow sand that sparkles with the huge sun, flying pieces of red fabric that come together to form giant sea creatures that fly in the sky, uncovered ruins of a forgotten civilization. This is the world of Journey, a game that I finished playing a few days ago. Play as a person dressed in a red coat, a small red scarf trailing behind you. As you progress in the game your scarf grows, granting you the power to jump higher and float farther. Journey is basically the perfect game for me, which is really impressive in the fact that it exists. It is short, taking 1 ½ to 2 hours to complete. It is gorgeous in its simple graphics. The intro to the game and the explanation of controls is simple (there isn’t any text or voice over), easy to understand, and quick to learn. There are hardly any bad guys and the ones that are present are there for just the right amount of time. The soundtrack is calming and lovely. As someone who tends to get lost in games, I didn’t get lost in this one, even though it looked like I could. The game is connected to the internet so you can play with others as well. If someone is online at the same time as you, there’s a chance you’ll run into him if he’s in the same part. I ran into a couple of people, which was fun. You can’t really communicate with one another which makes it even more interesting. At the end of the game you see a list of people that played at the same time as you.

I loved this game for all of the above but mostly for the graphics and the way my character moved. Sliding down a sand dune was beautiful and fun. Flying with giant red creatures gave me this awesome sense of oneness and peace. In simple terms, it was a truly beautiful game. You can play it on the console or on the computer for $15. I think I’ll go back into the game every once in awhile and just run around, it was that lovely.

2 thoughts on “Journey, a game

  1. Just finished tonight! (Started last night) took about an hour and a half and was fun! We bought this game ages ago (last year?) but I had played the demo on PS3 clear back when it was released. It was a lot of fun and perfect for me too! Not too complex, not confusing and very enjoyable!

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