Dungeons and Dragons – a poem

Of bated breath and crossed fingers,
Of whisperings and shouts,
Of languages and swearing.
Numbers dictate fate
And gods’ whims are answered by obedient, or not so obedient, followers.

Dwarves carve cities from mountains and elves hide themselves in woods filled with age and mystery.
Thieves steal from dragons,
gnomes dream of gems,
and magic sparkles between the palms of wizards.

Monsters encroach upon the realm of the civilized
And any and all may attempt to prove themselves worthy of title and fame.
It’s the era of wanderlust and adventure.
Of friendship and struggle and survival.
Of love and loss and opportunity.

Age matters not in this world of dungeons and dragons.
A monk is called to action regardless of years,
A tiefling in the prime of his youth finds himself in the midst of battle.
Half-orcs grapple with their primitive natures while dragonborn proudly proclaim theirs.
Halflings and humans travel together, learning the secrets of the world,
While throughout it all the gods and the godlings flitter and fight for control of the realms.

Names are created and histories fashioned from childhood fancies.
Heroes are born among the poor and the penniless.
They rise to become gods themselves or to perish with the passing of time.
Only the masters can predict the future and even then it’s never set in stone.
Possibilities stretch beyond the plane of sight, forever expanding.
What you are and what you may become are solely determined by luck and imagination.

Dungeons and Dragons,
You beckon to my inner child, to my geek self, to my passion and my drive.
Oh my love,
I only wish I had met you sooner.

One thought on “Dungeons and Dragons – a poem

  1. Lauren Carr!!! What an amazing poem! Love the imagery created by your word choice. You should definitely write more!

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