Rocky Mountain National Park with Aaron

Gene’s friend, Aaron, has come for a visit. Gene and I took a vacation day today so we could all go up into the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Oh my goodness it was gorgeous. Even better, to me, than Guanella Pass was last weekend. The colors were more vibrant and more varied in the park. There were deep reds and oranges and most of the leaves had changed. I kept smiling every time we turned a corner as more colorful leaves greeted me.


Aaron and Gene being silly at the Visitor’s Center

We drove through Estes Park and to Grand Lake, stopping at the Visitor’s Center at the top of the park. We walked up the path that lets you see the surrounding mountains. There are many of them. You may feel small at the top but you also feel peace and happiness at all the beauty around you.

We then stopped at Lily Pond so we could stretch our legs a bit more. There was some really pretty ground cover that I kept taking pictures of but none of the pictures turned out well. The plant was green at the bottom with a light yellow top, it almost looked like flowers but it was all leafy and grassy. Fall is a lovely time in the park.

Leaves I fell in love with at Adam’s Falls.

I made everyone stop at the Bowen and Baker trail head next so we could take a quick peak at the valley that I love. The valley wasn’t quite as pretty as it is in the summer but there were some really nice yellow leaves in the nearby hills and mountains.

We headed to Grand Lake after that where I was disappointed to find that the lake-side burger place I wanted to eat at was closed. That’s Grand Lake for you, the first sign that summer is over and people close up for the year.

We found another restaurant to eat at, which was fine, and then we grabbed some sweet treats (have to get my caramel apple) before sitting at the lake.

Gene and Aaron at the top of Berthoud Pass and the Continental Divide

The lake was also beautiful, as the mountains surrounding it were dotted with yellows and oranges. I haven’t been to Grand Lake in the fall since I can remember, I had no idea I was missing out on so much beauty.

View from Bowen and Baker trail head

After hanging out at the lake we hiked to Adam’s Falls before heading back home. The drive back through Berthoud Pass was also amazingly beautiful. I have to make note that this time of year is perfect for viewing fall colors as it brings me so much happiness to see them. The drive through the entire park is a long one, but it is so worth it. It must be if I’ve done it twice within a three month period. It will be my last one for a while though as the road will be closed soon for the winter. So so so glad I got to visit the park today, it was beyond words fantastic.

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