Elisabeth is here, visit to my parents

Wednesday night Elisabeth landed back in Denver. She’s settling in and trying to get over her jet lag from traveling Europe. She brought us some goodies which was awesome. I now have this bottle of olive oil that I am quite excited to try. We forgot to get french bread last time we were at the store so I’ll have to wait a few more days before I try it. She also got me a really cool bracelet. It’s a bracelet of wood balls made from olive trees. She got it in Croatia. On top of that she came back with lots of snacks for us to try. She got me these chocolate cookies that I have fallen in love with, they are light and crisp and really good. I have eaten most of them already in the two days I brought them to work. They are dangerous, but I guess that’s okay since I can’t get them in the US.

Yesterday Gene and I drove to my parents’ house where we hung out and visited. We went on a walk later in the evening and ended the stroll with swinging in the nearby playground. I had so much fun. I forget how much I enjoy swinging. I know I like it, but I forget the extent to which I like it. I think I’m going to have to go to the playground in my neighborhood this evening and do some more swinging.

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