Pumpkins, family, and shopping

Gene’s and Sidney’s shadows

My life has been a bit unexciting lately. It’s mainly been filled with work and then coming home and watching Luke Cage (new Netflix show). But on Thursday we finished Luke Cage so hopefully that’s a sign that I’ll be a bit more active. Of course, I’m also going to rewatch Star Trek in the near future as Sidney and Elisabeth haven’t watched it yet so that may not bode well. Granted, since I’ve seen it all already I don’t have to pay full attention so perhaps I’ll sneak in some crafts or something.

Anyway, this morning I started my day with Elisabeth making dutch babies, aka German pancakes. They were tasty and it was nice that I wasn’t the one to make them. Afterward we went to the Chatfield Botanic Gardens Pumpkin Festival. We walked around for a bit and then played a giant game of jenga before going to the pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch was my favorite part, I bought five pumpkins, one large (for carving) and the rest small ones. I’ll post a picture later, they are currently sitting in the garage waiting to be cleaned off. Some of the pumpkins were still attached to the vine, which I thought was really cool, except for the fact that the vines and stems of the pumpkins are really pokey, why?! Why do they have to be like that?

After the pumpkin festival we went to Kaitlin and Kevin’s house for lunch and to visit. It was so nice to hang out with them for a bit. We need to hang out more often! We got to see Emily Grace’s (or E.G. as I call her) nursery. Oh my gosh it is so adorable, I love it. She already has some clothes and oh my goodness, they are so tiny and cute. She is going to be one fashionable little baby. We also enjoyed loving on Colt, Kaitlin and Kevin’s little dog. They put a little doggie sweatshirt on him and he was cute, he looked like a ganster.

We dropped Gene off at the house and then Sidney, Elisabeth, and I went shopping. I got some popcorn holders and cookie cutters. Next weekend we’ll be making different sugar and butter cookies and icing them to see which recipe we like the best. It’s going to be messy and super fun. This month is going to be a great month!

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