Hidden pumpkin here I come!

Each week in October my coworker Brenda has hidden a stuffed pumpkin on our floor and the first person to find it wins a prize. This week she hid it really well. My coworker Lisa and I walked around the floor twice yesterday without any luck. Because no one had found it by this morning, Brenda emailed everyone a poem that had secret hints in it. I read it over a couple of times and wrote down what I thought were key words to try to help me figure it out. I really got in the spirit and spent 10 minutes walking all over, looking behind TVs, under chairs and tables, behind pictures. Still no luck. It was quite fun, especially since by that time about half the floor was up and looking too. It made me smile so much to see that so many people were also getting into the search.

It wasn’t until 2pm when Brenda sent out ANOTHER hint when the pumpkin was finally found! Sadly, it wasn’t by me, but it was by a fellow teammate and it was exciting. Turns I read WAY too much into the poem but I still had great fun.