Waterton Canyon with Meseret

This morning I went to Waterton Canyon with my old friend Meseret. Even though we live in the same state, not even 20 minutes from each other, it’s been two years since we’ve connected. Is this a human condition – where we don’t keep relationships well? Or is it more of a generational thing I wonder?

It was a warm day and I forgot my hat but it was so incredibly nice to catch up with her again. In March she will be going off to Ethiopia for a year to do research for her dissertation – women in higher education in Ethiopia. How exciting is that?! She even got chosen as a Fulbright scholar so her trip is completely paid. I will need to get together with her again before she leaves.

I then went to the grocery store where I got two pieces of free candy (6 pack of Airheads and a Hershey’s Chocolate Almond bar) now that I have the King Soopers phone app. Every Friday, if you go onto the app, you can download a digital coupon (that gets put on your King Soopers card) for a free item. The past two weeks has been candy and so I grabbed them both today. I had no idea that King Soopers did that until a few weeks ago when a really nice cashier told us. Thanks to her I’ll be getting some free goodies!

Later this week we’ll be carving pumpkins and next weekend we’ll be making batches of sugar cookies!


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