Newly painted house

The house has been painted and I am in love with the colors. It only took the painters two days and they did a great job. I am so pleased, the house looks so much better and the back deck is a nice tan now instead of a dull, dead blue. I have good plans for the backyard. Granted, those plans may take two or three years but one day it’s going to be a great place to relax in the summer.

Anyway, Sidney and Elisabeth have already redecorated the front for Halloween and it’s looking good, especially with that lovely red door!

Now that the house is painted and the AC and heater are replaced I am hoping that we won’t have any other large purchases for the house for a good year. 

While walking to the mailbox today I came across this tree with such beautiful leaves, the leaves are changing from green to red and it’s breathtaking. Had to take a picture even though it’s not quite as beautiful when seen in person.

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