Quick walk and new library card

I got out of work a bit early today and since the weather was extraordinarily nice I stopped at City Park and took a walk. That park is full of life and I find it so peaceful. It’s a bit dirty to my taste (too many geese) but it is lovely overall. People were riding bikes throughout, others were walking, and there were some who were lying on the grass enjoying the late afternoon. I should stop there more often, at least in the spring and summertime.

I found a cool leaf, this time it was shades of green instead of yellow or red. I guess I really like leaves, I wish I had something useful to do with them but staring at them in happiness is enough. I then went to the Denver library and got a library card. I now have one from Aurora, Denver, and Arapahoe County. What what! I like how easy it is to get library cards these days. I learned this week that the Denver library gives card holders free access to Lynda, a learning website that normally costs money. Super excited (and main reason I got the card). What fun times await me!

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