Halloween activities

On Wednesday, the ladies and I carved jack o lanterns. I haven’t had much success as an adult carving pumpkins so I usually don’t do it but I was in the spirit this year and decided to give it a go. I chose what I thought would be a relatively simple design: the dragon, Toothless, from How to Train Your Dragon. I took my time, and my pumpkin turned out great. I freaked out at the beginning thinking I had punched holes in my pumpkin in the wrong place (negative space confuses me I guess) but Sidney came over and showed me I was doing it right and with that I went at it.

Elisabeth and Sidney drew their patterns on (I printed mine out), which made their task of carving way more difficult. Sidney also chose a wonky greenish pumpkin which, although having really cool dark green seeds, made her carving even harder and weirder looking. 

Yesterday, Sidney ran a one-off D&D session that was Halloween themed. Our characters visited Pidget’s cousin, Garm, in his small town as they celebrated Reaping Day (aka Halloween). We went through a haunted house, participated in a pie eating competition, and then promptly turned into the creatures we had dressed up as all because a spell was miscast. Pidget had chosen to be a skeleton (she wanted to be the scariest creature she could) and thus when everyone turned into their costumes, she became a grotesque skeleton with flesh hanging off of her body. It was awesome. At one point Eberk  and Pidget got on Zhira’s back and she crawled down a hallway filled with spiders as Pidget cast a spell to make them look like a giant spider. It was scary and so fun. Eberk, who had dressed up as a vampire, kept turning into a bat and Zhira, who was a ghost, poked her head through doors and intimidated Pidget’s cousin by shoving her hand in his body. We had some great times.

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