Halloween has been so fun so far. I dressed up as Minnie Mouse and almost my entire department got into Halloween and dressed up as well. We seemed to be the only ones in our building, minus a few others, that dressed up, which is sad considering we work in education and “Fun” is one of our values. I think people were just scared of looking silly. 

I started the day with two bags of candy on my desk, which was such a lovely surprise. Then the whole department got together to take a picture and our Assistant Superintendent gave us all Halloween cards.

Joy, Sadness, and Envy from the movie Inside Out


At 12pm we had a potluck which was both fun and successful. I brought some of my sugar cookies and there was chili, posole, a puking pumpkin, and other delicious goodies. I was really impressed with how many people brought food. I ate more than enough and then grabbed another plate full of dessert (figured I could share with those at home).

After that I walked to Starbucks with a few of my coworkers. Needless to say I didn’t do that much work for a large portion of the day, good thing is, that was most people’s days so I didn’t miss anything. Seeing other people’s costumes really makes me want to do even better next year. There was a Daenerys; Joyce, the mother from Stranger Things; and Alice in Wonderland, among many others. I have to step my game up next year!  

Me and some of my team

Now I’m home and we’re going to roast pumpkin seeds tonight and possibly watch a scary movie. Candy is in the bowl. Happy Halloween everyone!

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