I voted at a poll center

My voter’s ballot never came in the mail. 😦

Although it wasn’t ideal, it did allow me to experience a polling center for the first time, which I was excited about as I’ve always done mail in ballots. It only took me 15 minutes from the parking lot to get checked in and vote. And five minutes of that was me filling in bubbles because I wanted to do a printed ballot instead of an electronic one (if I do this again I’m choosing electronic).

Even though I’m curious as to the reason for my missing mailed ballot, the mystery did allow me to get an “I voted” sticker. Now to sit back and try to relax as the country, and the world, waits to see what happens.

Bonus image of Pippin in my laptop bag

One thought on “I voted at a poll center

  1. So proud of you for voting and for being so patriotic. That’s my girl! LOVE the pic of Pippin! It would be so cute framed – you could put it on your desk at work.

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