Extra Life

This past weekend was Extra Life twitch stream weekend for me and the household. It was 24 hours straight of playing games in order to try to raise money for our local hospital’s children’s wing. From spreading the word before the stream to the end of it we raised a total of $665. Our goal was $500 so I would call that a success. But what’s even cooler is that Gene’s boss will match the donations that Gene’s coworkers gave, so we’ll end up getting an extra $110!

This was the first time I had ever streamed and it was scary and fun. I am super grateful that my family, Gene’s family, and Sidney’s family were all online throughout the day watching us. I had some friends too who watched for a bit throughout the day (thanks Katie, Mitchell, and Josh for tuning in!). They all made me feel so loved and happy that in the end it didn’t matter if no one else saw us. We did have some of Sidney’s and Elisabeth’s friends watch and a few random people found their way to us as well.

What was really fun was when I was streaming on my own and visiting housing plots in Wildstar. I had 14 people viewing my stream at one point, which was the most we got at once the entire time. But what’s even cooler is that I had a fellow Wildstar player show me his plot personally on stream! It was so cool and exciting, I got super giddy and was basically speaking nonsense and saying the same thing over and over but I was having an absolute blast.

I think streaming is in my future. Even if I will never be famous (as is likely), I think streaming is fun and enjoyable and it’s something for me to do in the evenings. Look out world, you’re going to hear my voice a lot more.

Elisabeth is working on editing and then uploading the videos (our stream was recorded!) so I will update this post with a link to it if anyone is remotely interested in watching us game.

One thought on “Extra Life

  1. It was so fun watching you! I found myself laughing several times. And some “Random Dude” called me Mom! But the best part is the money you raised for such a good cause.

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