Chef Shock – new twitch stream by Justin Warner

For those of you who watched the first season of Food Network Star, you will remember Justin Warner, the awesome young man who won. He may have escaped from Food Network’s limelight immediately after (to my chagrin) but he has been doing other things and thanks to Twitter, I’ve been able to keep an eye on him. Just a couple of weeks ago he started a new show on Twitch, called Chef Shock. Every day of the work week he streams live for two hours and makes a different meal. I’ve been able to catch pieces of it and I quite enjoy it.

He provides the list of ingredients in advance so people can cook along with him if they want. That in itself is pretty awesome but on top of that he cooks interesting foods that I wouldn’t normally think of (yesterday was a deep fried hamburger) and he does it all with his chill personality. He doesn’t act as if he knows everything about food (which, he probably does) and he talks to the viewers in such a down to earth manner that everyone feels they can ask “silly” questions without the fear of being looked down upon.

He streams from 6pm to 8pm Mountain time if you want to catch him and you can always watch his videos afterward.

One thought on “Chef Shock – new twitch stream by Justin Warner

  1. I remember him! I think Food Network let him down – they did not keep their end of the deal. Glad to hear he’s doing well.

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