Star Trek time

Last night I made Elisabeth and Sidney watch the pilot and first episode of Star Trek: The Original. Both had been wanting to watch Star Trek and Elisabeth was gung ho to watching all of the series so we started at the beginning. I don’t love The Original series but it is classic and is important to watch, in my opinion.

The pilot however, is even worse. It doesn’t have Captain Kirk (or any of the other main crew besides Spock) and is really horrible. The acting was terrible, the episode stretched on, and it was blatantly sexist (but as Gene said, we have to remember it was 1968, sexism was even worse back then).

It’s going to be fun rewatching all these series, even if some of them aren’t quite politically correct. I do love me some Spock!

I took this picture in my living room, turned out really great!


2 thoughts on “Star Trek time

  1. You’ll have to tell your friends that on February 15, 1967 I was present at the filming of the last episode (Operation:Annihilate!)! It was at TRW in California where my dad worked. They allowed all the employees and their families come and watch and they made a big day out of it. I still remember getting an ID badge made using my thumbprint. I was just 6 1/2 years old but I remember having a great time.

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