Heart full of gratitude

My Friday (and this week in general) has been splendid. I came in to a birthday present from my two coworkers and balloons tied to the back of my chair. I opened the gift to find an Amazon gift card and a picture of a Central Washington t-shirt that they bought me! Not only are those gifts something I actually like, but they put thought and money into them. Darlene had asked me earlier this week what college I went to but she was so sneaky with the way she did it that I thought nothing of it. I feel so blessed to have coworkers that like me enough to put time and money into my birthday.

Yesterday one of my managers sent an email to his schools about gratitude and one of the items he was thankful for was me. It was a very sweet few sentences that made me smile. And today he and his data partner (another of my teammates) thanked me multiple times for the work I’ve done. On top of that, we have a Thanksgiving tree in our common area and someone put my name up there too. I’m guessing it was the data partner but no matter who it was, it was amazingly sweet.

I feel so utterly loved and valued here. I know I sound like I’m bragging, and perhaps I am a little, but it’s mostly that I’m so in awe that a place like this exists. Even though the work isn’t perfect, because of the people, I stay. And I hope that for everyone else who works, that they also find a place where they like their coworkers and their coworkers like them. It’s a pretty great feeling.

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