Girls’ day out with Kaitlin and Mom

Yesterday I drove to Colorado Springs to spend the day with Kaitlin and Mom (and Dad and Colt) in celebration of Kaitlin’s pregnancy. We started the morning by going to a hair salon and getting hair cuts. I really needed one and I was truly amazed at what a great job my hair guy did. My hair hasn’t looked this good in years. I was shocked and impressed. I’m not sure what it looks like curly yet (after getting a deep conditioning, he dried my hair in order to cut it properly) but I have confidence it will look just as good if not better.

After the salon we went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch which was great because I was quite hungry and those rolls are extremely delicious. I had four of them, which meant I only had room to eat half my sandwich but that was okay because we brought leftovers back home for Dad to eat. He had stayed at the house with Colt, Kaitlin’s dog, who needs a lot of constant love and attention.

Once we were back at the house we sat down and Kaitlin opened the many baby presents that had been acquired. Mom had the table decorated so sweetly and even had the stuffed elephant out that I had made her a few years back. Little E.G. now has many  more clothes and toys to occupy her time once she comes into the world. This little girl is going to be greatly loved by all.

An artsy shot that I liked


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