Portal 2, eye doctor, and shopping

First day off for Thanksgiving week and it’s been successful so far!

I finished Portal 2, the game I had started playing during the Extra Life stream (see the video here). It’s a game I had wanted to play for some time but was nervous to because those puzzle games don’t come naturally to me. Somewhat surprisingly, I think I did better in Portal 2 than the first game, likely because the first game taught me what to look for. I did have to “cheat” once and look up what I was supposed to do but that’s okay.

I also went to the eye doctor today, first time in two years, and was told I basically have the same prescription, just a small change. I went to a new doctor, one much closer, and she is cool with me getting a check up every two years, which is awesome. My insurance covered the entire visit too so that was another bonus! I went to Costco earlier in the day and found two glasses that I’m thinking about getting (Costco glasses are WAY cheap and my insurance will probably cover the entirety of it).

Let me know what you guys think, do either of the glasses below go well with my face? It was super busy at Costco today so I’ll go back when it’s a bit more chill and order some glasses at that point.

After the eye doctor, Elisabeth and I went to Old Navy and Jo Ann’s where I bought some clothes and some sewing items to help me sew a shirt that I’m working on this week. It will be my first shirt so crossing my fingers it’s not too terrible. I’m making it out of muslin, as all beginner (and pro too, I’m sure) sewers are supposed to do. Once I get it down on muslin I’ll buy some nice shirt fabric and make it again.

2 thoughts on “Portal 2, eye doctor, and shopping

  1. I think I like the top pair best – seems a little smaller and frames your face nicely. And yes, your hair is so cute!

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