Gene’s birthday and sewing my shirt

Today is Gene’s birthday – woot! This year I FINALLY bought him presents (I usually don’t). I got him a bike rack and a backpack to go with it so he will no longer have to carry his backpack on his back while riding to and from work. It’s something he’s been “wanting”, as much as Gene can want something, but he never took the time to look at options. So I did it for him! The rack came a few days ago and together we put it on his bike. The backpack should arrive tomorrow!

I also bought him Civilization 6, a new game, last night as he had been wanting to play it. Sidney was thinking about splitting the cost but since she is currently in Washington and Gene wanted to play it today, I went ahead and got it for him. He’s been playing for a good portion of the day.

As for me, I’ve spent many hours sewing my shirt together. I am a good way through, I could technically wear the shirt at this point, but I still have more to go. I think I will have it done by the end of the week though, which is awesome. I’ve been taking my time and reading the directions over and over again to make sure I know what I’m supposed to do. It’s looking good.

When Gene wasn’t playing Civ 6 and I wasn’t sewing, we played Don’t Starve Together with Elisabeth. It’s one of the games Elisabeth and I played during our Extra Life weekend. We did a bit better this time but that game is still difficult. It’s time we read up on some tips and then start again. We’ll get there.




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