Pie time and getting ready for Turkey Day

Last night we met up with Kaitlin and Kevin for dinner at Granny Scott’s Pie Shop. Gene and I had found this place for Pi day a couple of years ago and so we decided we would go there for our birthdays dinner. As expected, the pie was delicious. I tried their turtle pie and although there’s no way I could eat an entire turtle pie, one slice was tasty and rich. I had a lovely time. I was going to take a picture but got so immersed in talking about role playing games and IVs that I forgot!

Today I started cooking for Thanksgiving so tomorrow will be a little less hectic. I am going to make an entire cake tomorrow as well so we’ll see how that goes. I think it’s going to be a pretty tiny cake but it sure will be fancy. Now it’s time to relax and perhaps watch a movie.


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