Game day at work

Someone in my building set up a Board Game Day today and I signed up to teach people how to play Sushi Go.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, no one actually showed up (in fact, only one other guy besides the organizer brought a board game to teach). I ended up playing Sushi Go with my coworker (who was going to direct people to games), the organizer, and the organizer’s friend and coworker. But I didn’t care who played with me, I just wanted to play a game so I enjoyed myself. I met two new people and had a good time. We played a version of Scattegories afterward and then I went on my merry way.

My other coworker stopped by to say hello and suggested that we make this a weekly thing, every Friday. I like the idea so I may see if we can get that started. I do wonder why no one showed up other than friends. Is it because people are intimidated by board games? Or is it more of a work culture thing where people don’t think they can leave their desks for an hour? I’m not sure what the reason is but I’m glad I don’t prescribe to either of them.

I even wore my new D&D dress today to commemorate the occasion!


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