Stress-free day and ramen

Today at work I attended a three hour stress management class. I practiced a few different relaxation/mindfulness exercises, learned a bit about why we have stress, and had someone listen to me while I talked about my childhood home. I really need to “meditate”. I use quotation marks as the exercise I learned today was called something else (I can’t remember) but it was the same thing. I’m not as stressed/nervous a person as I used to be but there is always improvement to be made. I’m glad that my work offered this course and I hope that I put into practice some of the things I learned today.

The roomies and I went to Katsu Ramen today for dinner as it was cold and we didn’t have solid dinner plans. It was delicious. Remind me to take you there if you come visit me (and you like ramen/Japanese food). I split a miso ramen and teriyaki chicken with Sidney and I really liked both dishes. I couldn’t believe how much I liked them. I also tried Elisabeth’s curry dish and that was also delicious. I stayed away from Gene’s spicy ramen but he ate almost all of it so I imagine his was good too.

We went shopping afterward where I tried on MORE Costco glasses and I think I’ve chosen. I’ll go back one more time for seriousness and get a pair.

Now we’re stocked up with food for a week and this weekend Elisabeth is going to make us a pumpkin pie! Tis the season for lots of delicious goodies.

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