Skittles and reindeer

Every Friday, you can download a coupon for a free item from the King Soopers phone app (pretty cool). One Friday the coupon was for a free Skittles story book. I figured it would be some silly thing but it turned out to be a box of three full bags of skittles. That’s neat. And even though I don’t really like Skittles, I got a kick out of the box:

Also, the King Soopers app has coupons every day now for their 25 days of Christmas. Every other day or so they have another free item coupon. Might be something those of you in Colorado want to check out!

My coworker, Brenda, gave me some of those fun Christmas light glasses the other day. This time it turns the lights into reindeer, I am getting so much fun out of them! The picture isn’t great (hard to take a picture through glasses) but you can imagine how awesome all the lights look.

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