Jim Gaffigan and… BABY

My weekend has been extremely exciting.

It started with me visiting my parents on Saturday while KAITLIN WENT INTO LABOR two and a half weeks early.

Saturday morning she found herself having contractions fast enough and long enough to warrant her going to the hospital. So while she was giving birth, Gene, my parents, and I were at the Jim Gaffigan performance in Colorado Springs. Jim had some quite funny jokes. Pair that with good seats and I enjoyed myself. If he comes to your area and you have some extra money to spend, he’s good. He’s also a clean comedian, no inappropriate jokes or major cussing.

After waking up this morning I learned that Kaitlin had given birth at 11pm Saturday to Emily Grace (E.G. as I call her). She is a healthy little girl and everyone is doing really well. We went to visit her today so I could meet my niece! E.G. is so tiny, it’s amazing how small and thin her fingers are. She also has a full head of dark hair. I am so happy we got to welcome her into the world earlier than expected. It just means more time we get to spend with her. She is going to be one awesome person!


One thought on “Jim Gaffigan and… BABY

  1. What a beautiful blog! And what a joyous season this is for our family – from November 24th to December 25th the celebrations never seem to end. Now little Emily fits right in, being born on Dec. 10th. How loved she already is. I am keeping this blog to show her one day. Yes, it was a wonderful weekend!

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