Fancy school lunch

Today two of my networks (principals and assistant principals) got together for a day long meeting. We met at one of the schools, specifically a school that has a culinary program. This meant that students made and served us lunch and it was awesome.

Not only did I not have to do anything (I normally do) but the dining room was beautifully decorated and the food was great. It was quite fancy, we had cod, chicken, tri tip, stuffing, and salad, among other items . And that was just the main course. They also made lots of tasty desserts including a yulelog and macarons. Those are the treats I chose to eat but there was also chocolate mouse cake and an eggnog parfait type thing, plus more.

It was lovely and I enjoyed it immensely and I’m going to have to go back. They serve lunch Tuesday through Friday for about an hour. I think I know where I’m going next time I pick a place for lunch.

One thought on “Fancy school lunch

  1. Wow! What a great program. I love that students are getting schooling and work experience in a field they can pursue as a career. Not everyone wants to go to college or can go to college.

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