Quick catch up

I have to catch you all up on my happenings before the Christmas week begins and I’m doing even MORE fun things!

Last week I finished sewing my shirt. Overall I did very well with keeping calm. The armpits were the only part that really got me upset. Thanks to Gene, he helped me look at the shirt and figure out what was happening. The shirt is longer than I think it should be (granted, I was the one that chose the length), so I may alter it in the near future. My plan is to paint the shirt in a similar fashion to this one.

Now that I completed that project my next plan is to sew a skirt and pajama pants and then go back and sew this shirt again but with “real” fabric. I totally get why people encourage you to sew a piece with muslin first and then sew the piece again with the actual fabric you want. For the most part I didn’t feel stressed at all because I figured it didn’t matter that much if I messed it up.

Last Thursday, Sidney, Elisabeth and I visited EG, Kaitlin, and Kevin! EG is so much fun and is so cute, she is one fashionable little girl. It is so sweet getting to hold her. She has such a tiny frame, I mean, she’s not even 7 pounds! She slept almost the entire time we were there but at the very end she opened her eyes so we could say goodbye to her. I am so so excited to get to spend more time with her.

This week was a week full of Christmas presents and cards given to me by coworkers and managers. How many times can I say how grateful I am for these people? They just keep doing such nice things for me. I got gift cards, wine, a game, candy, and more. These people are truly the reason I stay at this job, because I can’t imagine going to work and not getting to see them.

And now my work week is over and my break is beginning! My awesome friends, Katie and Mitchell, will be arriving tomorrow night and I am beyond excited. We are going to go snow shoeing, make gingerbread houses, bake cookies, relax, play games, and play Dungeons and Dragons. Let the relaxation and fun begin!


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