Star Wars, Civ 6, and D&D

I watched the new Star Wars movie with Gene and Elisabeth yesterday. Although many know I’m not a Star Wars fan, because Gene wanted to see it and we had a Fandango gift card, I took part in the outing. For a non-Star Wars fan, the movie was okay. The fight scenes were definitely the best part and the results of the fights were more realistic than many movies these days, making it a plus for me. I also like how Star Wars creates aliens that look truly alien – no human painted a different skin color or with antennas stuck on the head like everyone else seems to do. Kudos to you Star Wars.

I also started playing a new game of Civilization 6 yesterday, and am doing well as far as I know. This is the farthest I’ve gotten in a Civ 6 game and I think I might actually finish it. I set the game in an easier mode and a smaller  map, which has really helped me. On top of that I do what I want and don’t worry so much about strategy. At this point I’m almost to year 2000 and although I haven’t invented computers or nuclear power yet I am in the lead for a Science Victory and a Domination Victory. Please explain that, haha.

Last night Sidney led us through more of her Dungeons and Dragons campaign which resulted in our characters leveling. Now I have to read up on the options I have to make my wizard even cooler. I know she’ll get more spells, which is always awesome. We successfully recorded the session too with the microphone that my parents got me for Christmas! Now I can go back and listen to it to take notes and write out the story. Perhaps I’ll even edit the audio for another way to reminisce. New hobby perhaps?

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