Back to work I go

First day back to work since my luxurious 1 ½ week break. Getting up early was a bit difficult but I did it and on top of that I exercised with Elisabeth. Going a week and a half without exercising was definitely not the smartest idea, oh how quickly my body starts to revert back to being out of shape. Why body?! Why do you want to be so lazy?  I’ll get back in the swing of things and next time I’ll try harder to exercise during vacation.

My day turned out quite pleasant. I drove to work and listened to The Adventure Zone, a Dungeons and Dragons podcast. It was quiet at work, many people are still on vacation, so the atmosphere was relaxed. I ate lunch on the top floor and looked out at downtown Denver and browsed reddit.

We went shopping after work where I got myself a smoothie and churro from Costco. Using the new smoothie straws my parents got us for Christmas! I wore my warm Tardis scarf that my friend got me a few years back and am loving my new glasses. 2017 is going to be a year of gratitude and happiness for myself and I invite all of you to share in that with me!

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