Snow on the ground – I work from home

Woodpecker by my window

We got enough snow overnight that Gene and I worked from home today. That in itself was a plus to my day but it also meant I got to sleep in an extra hour since I wasn’t commuting anywhere. Score.

After I was done with work, Gene and I put together a bench that we purchased to go in our front room (where our computers are and specifically where the Christmas tree was). The bench not only provides a nice sitting spot, mostly for Pippin, but it also provides storage, which is something I love. Give me all the storage!

Almost instantly Pippin hopped on it. Seeing as how he’s still sitting there, I think I can call it a success. It’s the least I could do after moving his cat tree to the kitchen a few months ago.

We had dinner and afterward Gene brought out his Japanese kid beer kit that Mimei, Sidney’s friend who visited back in the summer, had brought with her. We all then proceeded to have a grand time watching the beer foam up and then watching Gene tentatively drink it. What else does the evening hold?

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