It’s only Tuesday, but that’s ok

Today I helped organize two network meetings (professional development meetings for principals and assistant principals) which was hectic but fun. It also meant I got free lunch – Garbanzo’s Mediterranean, which turned out to be a huge hit, I had so many people telling me they liked it. Hint to anyone who ever orders catering, Mediterranean has something for everyone. People said hello to me, which always makes me smile, and I got to listen to administration discuss equity and race, something I really enjoy as it helps to open my eyes to what others experience. I brought down leftovers from lunch to the main school office and was delighted when students got excited about free food.

The little things.

I got the panda pillow, Gene got the green Zelda one, and Sidney got the egg one!

After work I got a fancy pillow from Elisabeth’s mom (my new computer chair pillow, yay!) and then met up with my friend for dinner at Chicken Teriyaki, a nearby restaurant I had never been to but had wanted to try for a while now. We visited and caught up. She came over to see my house for the first time. We talked about her sister, the one who died, and it was sad and sucked but maybe it helped her a little. I don’t know. Death sucks and it takes its toll on people for a long time.

After she left I watched Great British Bake Off with Sidney to help me feel better (because death is hard on everyone) and now it’s time for me to get ready for bed and hopefully sleep well so I can live another day. Hopefully a good day.

One thought on “It’s only Tuesday, but that’s ok

  1. You are a good friend, Lauren. Death is a reminder to stay connected to those you love and to cherish them. I love you precious girl.

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