Spices and cats

Pippin behind the curtain. Look at that detail!

On Thursday I took a half day so I could spend some time with Dana and Kaitlin. We had lunch at Kaitlin’s house and hung out for a bit. I forgot to bring my camera so no new pictures of EG (but not to worry, I’ll see her tomorrow!). She is now a little over one month old, almost 1 1/2 months, and since I saw her last her face has filled in a bit. Her fingers and fingernails are still just as small but her eyes were open were a decent part of the few hours I was there, which was neat.

Love this cat lamp, use it every night.

Friday we played Dungeons and Dragons per usual and we recorded this session too. I also finally listened to the entire session we recorded a few weeks ago and took notes so the session summaries will start again (albeit very slowly as I have to listen, take notes, and then rewrite the notes). On top of that, Gene set up a section on his D&D wiki for our Pippinia group. It means more fun times ahead on adding characters, session summaries, and world information so we can go back and remember throughout the years.

Today Gene and I redid our spice drawer with the tins we had purchased last week and IT LOOKS SO GOOD. Organizing and better utilizing space (and making everything uniform) really makes me happy. I think it will be faster for us to find spices now and it will be easier for us to use them as we don’t have to unscrew or pop off a lid every time we want to stick a teaspoon in the jar. It’s just one lid we have to remove and bam, we’re ready to go.

One thought on “Spices and cats

  1. That is the coolest pic of Pippin. You should crop and frame it in a black frame – would be perfect for Halloween. Love, love the spice tins! And, I love you … and these blogs.

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