No EG, beginnings of a skirt

Little EG is a bit sick so I didn’t end up seeing her or Kaitlin today. That was a bummer but it meant that instead I started sewing a skirt. I thought it was going to take me an hour, maybe two, but I’ve worked on it for probably 3 hours so far and I’m still not done. Guess that’s what it takes for a beginner. I got stuck on a step and ended up having to do it three times and do it differently than the directions told me to. I also don’t have enough fabric to do the band at the top but I purchased what the website said so I’m a bit confused. Oh well, it’ll work out and I think it will look cute.

I also played some of the Walking Dead game with Elisabeth and read more for fun. Back to work tomorrow after a nice long weekend but I’m going to video chat with Katie so I don’t mind.


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