Cornbread waffles, Katie, and geekery

Yesterday we made cornbread waffle grilled cheeses for dinner. Fancy, right? It was very easy to make – make the cornbread batter and pour it in the waffle maker for 5 minutes. Once the cornbread waffles are done put cheese on them and grill. We got the idea from this recipe (although we used boxed cornbread and canned soup). I ended up doing an open face sandwich because the waffles we make are THICK. It was delicious but almost too rich for me. I had one waffle and that was more than enough. I think this will be a few times a year dish because of its richness. Still, I like trying new things and am glad I did.

I then got to video chat with Katie last night where we talked about the D&D campaign that Mitchell is running! It makes me so so excited that they are continuing D&D after they played with us at Christmas. I know there are other rpgs out there but D&D stole my heart. It’s also great because their website has the basic rules for players and dungeon masters available for free. Not all the details are there but there are so many resources that players have made that you don’t have to buy anything to play. D&D for life!

I grabbed us some Chick-fil-A for dinner tonight and shortly we’ll play our Dragon Age role playing game that Elisabeth started for us last week. If we’re not playing Dungeons and Dragons we’re either playing our Pathfinder card game or our Dragon Age rpg. What a life I lead!

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