Women’s March

Today I went to the March on Colorado with Sidney and Gene. I went there to show my support for women’s equality and a better America. I had also hoped to get information about what organizations are out there promoting women’s rights and progressiveness but the amount of people there prevented me from even seeing if there were booths.

I have never gone to a march before this. It was quite nice to see so many people in one place with messages of love, equality, and unity. No one was angry or upset or yelling. Everyone was kind and positive. It was great.

It was also extremely slow. After two hours we had moved MAYBE 100 feet, but likely less than that. So when we saw a chance to get out of the flow of the crowd and escape, we did. That’s right, my very first march and I didn’t actually march. Oh well.

I hope that this is the beginning of a new America. An America where all voices are heard, where all voices matter, where our votes count, where we care for one another regardless of race, gender, class, religion, or political party. People have a right to be and should be upset about our country. It’s time, no matter what party you affiliate with, to take action for what you believe in, to make the change you want to see. For me, it started with this march.


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