Breakfast and games

This morning I went to breakfast with the girls – we went to DJ’s Cafe, a restaurant near Gene’s work that I (yet again) wanted to try out (see the pattern – places I want to try I make everyone go to!). Immediately I liked the place when I saw that the tables were covered in food pictures. Our table was covered in a picture of giant fruit loops!

We all had tasty dishes (asparagus, artichoke omelette for me) and then we walked over to Wizard’s Chest, a board game and all around geek store a few blocks from where we were. We got there before it opened so we walked around outside and got to see a bit more of Denver. While waiting for the doors to open I saw a robot head stuck to the back of a sign and thought it was cool. The things one finds in cities is like an I Spy book come to life.

We took our time and wandered the two story shop for a while, I was tempted to buy multiple board games but the fact that the ones I wanted were $60 and we have two board games sitting downstairs waiting to be played, I opted to purchase myself some fuzzy dice for my car. I had these exact dice in my car about 7 years ago but after sitting in the sun every day the glue loosened and the dice fell off. I had, somewhat interestingly, been thinking about getting another pair of dice for my car just last week so I thought what great timing, and they were cheap, so I grabbed them.

We stopped by Moe’s Bagels on the way home so we could get a dozen day old bagels for $5 and I could get myself another cinnamon sugar bagel (it’s delicious). When we arrived home we set up Pandemic, a cooperative game, and played it and won this time (last time we lost). We’re trying to get in a few practice games before we start playing Pandemic Legacy, the longer, more serious and permanent game that Gene got for Christmas.

Now we’re relaxing and I’m dreaming about what vacations to take in the future.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast and games

  1. Yay! I’m glad you went to the store! Did you like it?!

    While contemplating your vacations, you should heavily consider coming here for my 30th Birthday in August! I would love love love love love to have you come!

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