Giant event went well

Today I helped run a conference for 350 people. Biggest meeting I’ve helped plan and run to date! Two of the high school networks I support had all of their teachers and staff come together to learn while students were out of school.

We had the event at Denver Mart, the location where I went for a drive-in movie last summer. It was pretty neat to see how different the inside looked from when I went in before. It is a great space. They let me and two of my coworkers come set up yesterday which was amazing. It meant I didn’t have to run around as much this morning.

I also had gotten a few secretaries from the schools volunteer to help me out so this morning I really didn’t have to do much. It was truly amazing. I just stood there and realized everything was taken care of. Pretty great feeling. I heard a lot of great comments and my managers were really impressed.

I’m now exhausted but proud and happy. Now my other manager wants to have a similar event – pretty fun!

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