Elisabeth’s birthday and the dentist

Yesterday was Elisabeth’s birthday (yay!). Sidney was going to make Elisabeth’s favorite Korean dish but she (Sidney) ended up getting a weird stomach thing and wasn’t up to cooking. So we made some rice vegetable soup instead (cures all ailments) and watched another episode of White Rabbit on Netflix. I made a funfetti cake too and got Elisabeth some flowers and Girl Scout cookies as a little treat.

Sidney is feeling better today so she is going to make the Korean dish but now Elisabeth isn’t doing well as she messed up her back somehow. Back pain sucks so I hope she feels better soon. Maybe this tasty dish will help her out a bit.

Today I went to the dentist for my biyearly check up and am happy to report I have no cavities. It’s always something to be very proud of so it deserves two sentences in this post.


One thought on “Elisabeth’s birthday and the dentist

  1. GREAT picture of the flowers with Pippin in background!!! I am so impressed with your photography. You should create a shutterfly book. Seriously!

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