Afternoon at Kaitlin’s

Yesterday was such an amazing and wonderful day. I started off the day with cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then Sidney and I went grocery shopping for the week. I organized the basement a bit and then we all, minus Elisabeth (her back still hurt), headed to Kaitlin and Kevin’s to hang out and have dinner.

We all fawned over EG, who is looking even cuter now that she’s 2 months old and is starting to fill in. Kaitlin also dresses her in such adorable outfits that you can’t help but smile. EG behaved quite nicely while we were there, she never cried for very long and she even smiled a couple of times. We took turns holding her and oh man, she is a mover. She’s definitely a slippery one. Thankfully she is a bit sturdier than the last time I saw her so I didn’t fret as much when she moved around. Oh the wonderful times ahead I’m going to have with her!

Before dinner, Gene disappeared randomly for a while before giving me a giant surprise.

He proposed to me! I said yes of course.

He came around the corner suddenly with a bouquet of roses (7 red to represent how long we’ve been together and one white for our new adventure!) and then he got down on a knee and asked me to marry him. It was very sweet and very surprising as I had thought we weren’t going to do the proposal thing and just get married one day.

He had three rings for me – one made out of a dollar, a ring pop, and a ring he had got at a thrift store (which means a lot since he doesn’t like shopping). I’m wearing all three in the picture above.

One of these days we’ll get real rings for the both of us but for now I’ll wear the thrift store ring he got me. It doesn’t fit on my ring finger but no matter, we’re not a traditional couple anyway.

Kevin and Kaitlin were in on it so Kevin recorded the proposal and Kaitlin made the AMAZING cookies you see in the picture above. She not only baked the cookies herself but she also took the time to ice them and then write “L ❤ G” on each cookie, all while caring for EG and not telling my mom about it. That takes skill and it made me so happy. I have the best sister I could ever ask for.

Sidney texted Elisabeth and let her know we got engaged so when we got home she was waiting for us with a cute Congrats sign. It was very sweet.

So now we are officially engaged, I have a cool ring, I ate delicious and beautiful cookies, I have gorgeous flowers, and I have wonderful friends and family who showed me so much love yesterday. The plan at this point is to get married sometime in the summer with just our families and then once we’ve paid off the house in a couple of years we will have a party where all of our far away friends and family can come (plenty of time for everyone to save up!). What an exciting time!

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