Donuts and meeting

Today was an interesting day. I helped out at a network meeting (something I do twice a month for my job). It was at the location where I first started with Denver Public Schools so it was a very familiar place for me. I go there a few times a year and it’s always nice. I get to catch up with some old friends and I get to reminisce about the adventures I had in my previous position. I even ran into my friend who used to deliver supplies to me (he still delivers them, just not to my current office location).

I stopped by Dunkin Donuts and picked up donuts for the meeting and then I proceeded to eat three donuts throughout the morning. Amazingly I didn’t feel sick. I guess the trick is to eat one, wait 30 minutes, eat one, wait, etc. Probably shouldn’t make a habit of it though.

During the meeting I was called in so everyone could clap for me in congratulations of getting engaged. It was incredibly sweet and principals and assistant principals kept coming up to me afterwards telling me congratulations.

For lunch we had catering from Biscuits and Berries, a local caterer. I had never ordered from them before but my coworker had and she highly recommended it. When the delivery man handed me a little box of chocolate covered strawberries as a gift I instantly agreed with her! What a lovely surprise it was. The man was pleasant and friendly and the food was delicious so it was a good experience.

I also got a cookie from the school, which was so thoughtful considering I had used a lot of their printer paper earlier and asked them for plates and napkins. They are such wonderful people.

And this evening I may get to video chat with Katie. This is turning out to be a nice day. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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