D&D, hanging pictures, and light

Today I listened to some of our D&D sessions. I got one done and listened to 30 minutes of another. Although it does take time, I like going back and listening to our sessions. We say some funny things and take some creative actions. I think playing Dungeons and Dragons helps boost creativity. It’s always fun and generally good if you can think outside the box with D&D. Try new things and do things you wouldn’t necessarily think to do because who knows where it will take your character.

I also hung up the cat picture my parents got me for Christmas (about time!) and the other art piece I got from my coworkers. Adding art to walls livens up a place instantly. I need more art! I still have that one poster I got from the Nature and Science museum that I need to hang up. Perhaps I’ll go to Ikea this weekend to buy a frame for it.

Other than that I made baked buffalo chicken nuggets for dinner which was a hit with everyone. I did not create the recipe but I’m afraid I’ve long ago lost the original source, so you get a link to my google doc version of it.I also started cooking ingredients for Thanksgiving stuffing. That’s right, I’m going to make stuffing again because there’s no rule that I can’t and I really like it!

And finally, I just want to point out how awesome it is that at 5pm today it was still light outside. I think we’ve made it out of the depths of winter and darkness. That makes me so freaking happy, I love realizing when the sun is in my eyes as I drive home from work because it means there is sun!


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