Swings, food, and Pathfinder

This morning I made two batches of bagels. One plain and one cranberry. I followed the same recipe as last time. I still had trouble with forming the bagel shape, most of the cranberry bagels broke open while boiling, but they still tasted fine. I think I’m done making bagels for a while, they take about 2 1/2 hours total and although they taste good, I’m not sure they taste good enough to warrant that much time. Next time I’ll try a different bagel recipe to see how that one differs. I also won’t make two batches, that was a bit much.

Around lunchtime the homemates and I went to a nearby school to go swinging and play on the playground. The weather was so pleasant when we went, I think we spent almost an hour there just hanging out. Oh what good the warm outdoors does for one’s mood. I’m going to have to go swinging there more often. I still think the swings by my parents’ house are the best I’ve found so far but these are a good replacement.

We came home and I finished making Thanksgiving stuffing while we played our Pathfinder game. We played two games today meaning we only have one more session before we finish the game! We’re going to play the final game tomorrow. Here’s hoping we beat it on the first go.

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