Semi-finished skirt & finished shirt

I am almost finished with the skirt I started a couple of months ago. The only part I have left to do is sew on a band along the top (originally I didn’t think I had enough fabric for it, but I do!). Otherwise it is actually wearable. Gene gave me the idea that in the meantime, I can use a belt to cover up the ruffled top if I want to wear it. Such a great fiance!

I’m happy with the skirt and although it turned out poofier than I wanted it, I will definitely wear it. I like it because it has pockets! That’s right, I sewed my first every pockets. They are smaller than they should be but if I jam my hands in long enough, they fit.

I also got a few pictures of the shirt I had sewn back in November, as I never posted pictures.

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