Book suggestions by my own personal librarian

As part of the Winter of Reading activity I’m doing with Denver Public Library, I filled out a form to get a personalized reading list sent to me by a librarian. It was fun to fill out (who doesn’t like talking about books they love) and it was exciting as I had no idea the library offered this service (although it does make sense).

After two days I got a response from Emily, a librarian in the Books and Borrowing department, with a list of 10 suggestions. I’m even more excited now! I wasn’t expecting 10 suggestions but not only that, Emily was excited to offer suggestions, as she said she thought we could be “book besties”. I could sense her enthusiasm in how she described the books to me.

This is great as my goal is to read 30 books this year and I’m currently behind (gulp). I now plan on reading everything that Emily suggested. Finding books to read is half the battle, right?! And if I enjoy a book I’ll read it faster. I’ve put a request in for the first book, which is actually a graphic novel, so should be only a few more days before I get it. What new adventures will I soon be part of!

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