Visitors and food

Lydia and Dave arrived yesterday evening! They spent the past three months traveling around Europe, enjoying the life of a retiree and now they are on the last leg(s) of the journey and they get to hang out with us for a week. We got to see some of the pictures from their trip yesterday and it was so much fun. They know so much about the history of Europe (and history in general). I don’t know how they remembered so much but we have more pictures to go and I’m excited.

This morning I used some of the gift card I was given a few weeks ago to get myself a muffin as I had forgotten to pack more granola bars for myself. It was a lovely treat and it didn’t cost me a thing. It also contributes to students’ learning, which is awesome. And tonight all of us are going to participate in the Denver Restaurant Week by eating at Bones, a restaurant near Gene’s work. None of us have ever been there so it will be a fun experience. I’m really looking forward to it!

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