EG, Snowglobe, and Casa Bonita

“What did you just say?” EG asks

Yesterday the girls and I went to visit Kaitlin, Kevin, and EG as we are borrowing their car for a few days while Lydia and Dave visit. We hung out for a bit which is great because I always love seeing those three. EG has grown even bigger since the last time I saw her and her hair now has a reddish tint to it. She did so well while we were there, letting everyone hold her and barely crying at all, a big change from every other time we’ve been there.

We then went from Kaitlin’s house to a library to make snowglobes. We got jars, little figurines, and doodads – all for free (thank you libraries!). We didn’t have great direction from the librarian so we ended up painting the inside of our snowglobe when we probably shouldn’t have. No bother, it just means we didn’t fill it with water yet so our plan is to grab some sealant spray from a craft store to seal the paint. I like how my snowglobe turned out, it’s an astronaut on a distant planet, studying the plant life. We turned in our Winter of Reading packet and got our very own library mugs as a prize. How cool!

After making snowglobes we came back home, picked up the rest of the gang, and went to Casa Bonita for dinner. That’s right, we had to take Lydia, Dave, and Elisabeth to the infamous Casa Bonita, it’s a classic Denver experience. I actually really enjoyed our time there and my taco salad was fine – Gene noticed that they had updated the taco salad from the last time we went, so perhaps they’re trying to do better there.

Waiting in line at Casa Bonita

We got to see a few shows, explored Black Bart’s cave, and even caught the puppet show for the first time! Both Lydia and Sidney got pennies pressed and they both turned out almost perfectly this time. Just goes to show that you’ll always have an interesting and fun experience there if you go with the right mindset. I also ate 4 sopapillas and took home another 7 (I had brought gallon bags with me and we secretly stashed a few each time we asked for some.). It was a very fun day.

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