Another trip to the museum and The Melting Pot

Yesterday, in between fixing up the catio some more, we went to the Nature and Science Museum and The Melting Pot! We’re doing all the fun things.

Elisabeth had “checked out” a museum pass for 7 people from our library. It was going to get us into the museum for free but little did we know we ended up going on one of the museum’s free days so we didn’t end up needing it. No matter, it’s nice to know we can use it in the future. Because we got in for free, we purchased ourselves planetarium tickets. I was the only one who had been to the planetarium before so it was a good idea (and only $5 per ticket, super cheap).

We wandered for about an hour where we saw animals of South America and Africa and learned more about dinosaurs. Because we were there on a Monday there were SO MANY archaeologists in the dinosaur work room, it was so awesome. One guy was right by the glass and had the window open so Elisabeth and I got to learn about the Ichthyosaurus he was working on. He had its skull and some of its vertebrae and he informed us how the Ichthyosaurus has the largest eye of any creature we’ve found or know about on Earth. It was so much fun to talk to him as he showed us the tools he uses to cut away rock from bone and how to tell the two apart.

We then watched Cosmic Journeys in the planetarium and learned about our solar system’s planets and moons.  It was interesting and a little trippy because of the curve of the screen. We’ll have to go again so we can watch the Black Holes show. We sauntered around the Gems and Minerals exhibit before taking a quick walk outside in City Park. We would have walked longer but it was quite windy yesterday!

Cool ceiling, right?

In the evening we went to The Melting Pot for dinner! Lydia and Dave had never been and I quite enjoy that place and since it was part of Restaurant Week we just couldn’t stay away. We got seated in a really cool, secluded area with an awesome ceiling covered in little lights, making it look like space.

The meal itself was of course, delicious, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The really great thing about the visit was that we learned, thanks to Elisabeth, that the cheese dippers and the dessert dippers are all endless, meaning I can have more veggies and blondies to eat!

But what really made my night was when Gene cooked one of his teriyaki beef pieces and then gave it to me. All on his own accord, all without asking for something in return. It made me feel so special and loved and I ate that meat with such happiness (it’s my favorite meat in the main course).

I have today off from work too. Dave flew back home and Lydia is staying for another couple of days. Who knows what we’ll end up doing next.

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