Escape Room & back to work

We ended up going to an escape room yesterday afternoon. Our first time at this location, our goal was to find out what happened to our conspiracy theorist friend. It was a lot of fun and we all contributed to the puzzles. We beat it the room with 7 minutes to spare. We had a few hints along the way and a few stumbling blocks that made it a bit awkward (for me at least) but we made it. No spoilers so I won’t say anything else except that escape rooms are fun.

Today I came in to my desk to see a lovely CWU sweatshirt! What a nice surprise after taking two days off. It’s what my coworkers had bought me for my birthday (there had been a hitch in the order and they just got it). I really like it, it’s something I would wear, and it’s warm.

In the afternoon I attended a Seed Swap in my building where different employees brought seeds for anyone to grab. I got thyme, chives, dill, and lettuce seeds in hopes of starting a small garden this spring/summer. I’m going to have to plant a few of them inside to start, which will be interesting with Pippin on the prowl, but maybe I can stick them in the basement for safe indoor growing. I wrote down some online resources so I’ll take a look at those websites for more information. I’m going to start small and see how it goes.

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