Now that was fun

Saturday was a day filled with fun and productive things. Sidney and I lounged in the house in the morning, had some delicious Costco mac and cheese for lunch, and then spent the next couple of hours running errands. We bought sealant and glycerin for our homemade snow globes (which we’ll hopefully finish today), went to the Asian store and bought some cute baby mangoes, bought groceries for the week, and went to Lowe’s and got supplies to create our own “frame” for a poster we bought together back in the summer.

OMG, baby mangoes! Never heard of them before, so naturally I had to buy them when I saw them. So tasty.

We worked on the frame when we got home, made deviled eggs, and went on a walk. I was making smore marshmallows when Elisabeth got home. We then proceeded to watch the final episodes of My Brother, My Brother, and Me where it inspired us to learn how to flip a water bottle and have it land perfectly on the table. The next 45 minutes we tried to gracefully flip water bottles. We weren’t having any luck until Sidney had the brilliant idea of using Costco’s vitarain bottles instead of the flimsier water bottles we were using. I believe she landed hers perfectly on that first try.

It was absolute bliss and I enjoyed every minute of it. Each time one of us landed a bottle we would dab and cheer. It was such a great day.

This morning I made two different batches of scones to see which one I liked more (and because who doesn’t like scones to start a Sunday morning?). I had made both recipes on separately before but never together. Turns out I like the recipe that came from Martha, Gene’s sister, the best. Still, both are quite good. In a few hours I’ll pick up Gene from the airport. What a great weekend this has been so far.

Which scone is which? They’re both delicious but the one on the right is my fave.

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